SPEED’s Quality: The First Desire of All SPEED Team Members

“SPEED” understands that meeting customer’s needs is our reason for existence as a company. We will not rest in our pursuit of meeting those needs with superior products, services, values, and by overcoming severe cost constraints. Our desire is to always provide the safest, user-oriented, environmental-friendly and most valuable products for our customers. SPEED’s quality is accomplished by our dedication to customer satisfaction.

SPEED’s Mission: To Deliver Unmatched Satisfaction to Our Customers

“SPEED” is committed to providing the safest, most supportive products and services at material handling sites throughout  India on behalf of our customers. We vow to evolve, adapt and always place the needs of our customers first. We believe accomplishing SPEED’s mission will deliver satisfaction to all “SPEED” Customers.

SPEED’s Innovation: To Create Change and Always Challenge

“SPEED” constantly improves products, systems and services so that it will always remain a leader in the industry. We highly value and support our team members that create new solutions for our customers and those that focus on our long term goals. “SPEED” team members own our innovation.

SPEED’s Value: Honesty, Truth, Pride and Gratitude

“SPEED” team members are always honest with customers, faithful in our work, and true to themselves. Furthermore, we must have pride in our work, in our behavior, and in our company, and should be supportive of, and grateful to, all “SPEED” supporters.

“SPEED” team members are expected to act with the following principles:

  • Think, judge and take actions to “maximize customer trust” and become our customers’ first choice
  • Innovate without compromising on “quality” and “costs”.
  • Make the best use of the knowledge and experience of our team (organization), rather than depending only on individual ability, & pursuit   the best goals through teamwork.
  • Always pursue higher goals without fear of failure. Our people shall encourage and support each other.
  • Always take faithful, responsible action and be grateful for our opportunities.