Special Features :
  • Compact Body, light weight with high factor of safety.
  • Portable, unlimited Rope Travel, Rugged and Moduler designed construction, with low maintenance.
  • Operated by one man. Under full control of operator, hence Lifting and Lowering can be controlled to a fraction of a centi metre. With unlimited vertical, horizontal and oblique uses.
  • Pulling, Lifting and Lowering with no special skill.
  • Can be used as a Winch with multipurpose mounting positions, with the help of a sheave Pulley Block to increase lifting & Pulling Power.
  • Can be used in the following Industries:
    • Civil Defence, Rescue, Army, Mining, Transport, Forestry, Agriculture, Sugar Mills, Power Plants, Air conditioning Plants, Ship Building, Ship Breaking, All types of Industries, Nuclear Power Plants, Electricity Boards, Telephone, Gas/ Water Pipe Line, Civil & Steel Construction, Naval and Defence Industries, Elevators, Facade Work (Cradles Erection) and at confined places.
  • Every Machine is checked thoroughly by a competent person, before Dispatch.
  • 50% over load Test Certificate and 12 months Guarantee Certificate is issued with each machine.
  Constructional Out Standing Features:
  • Body: Completely made of Cold Drawn deep drawing quality steel sheets and light in weight.
  • Hooks: For Models — S-7; S-15; & S-20; Are of Drop forged Steel, fitted with safety catches so as to avoid accidental release.
  • Jaw Grip: Specially made from Alloy Steel, precision machined and Heat t reated so as to prevent slipping of Wire Rope.
  • Jaw Link: Made of Alloy Steel and Heat Treated. Spare Parts easily available.
  • Wire Rope: Bright Galvanised, high Tensile, Steel Wire Rope, specially manufactured, with a Mixed Core.
Model S-7 S-15 S-20 S-30 S-50
Capacity (Kg) Pulling 1250 2600 3000 5200 8000
Lifting 750 1600 2000 3200 5000
Effort at Full Load (Approx.) Kgs. 40 50 50 60 70
Rope Travel Per Return stroke (Approx.) (M M) 40 55 50 36 30
Diameter of Wire Rope (M M) 8 11.3 12 16.3 20
Standard Length with Each Machine (Metres) 10 20 20 10 10
Over All Dimensions (Approx.) (M M) 515x265x110 600x350x155 620x360x155 720x400x160 810x465x190
Weight (Approx.) Kgs. 8 19 22 35 51